Individual Sports Training

Athletes of all ages are welcomed to sign up for private coaching. In these hour sessions, we focus on what your child is looking to improve. Some athletes focus on developing explosiveness, to help them make an outside sports team or become a starter. Some athletes are looking to improve a specific track and field event, and others are looking to learn proper running technique and form for work outs. We are here to fulfill all your training needs.

Each session is 1 hour and costs $75.Packages are offered: 5 sessions costs $300, 10 sessions costs $400.

All sessions are to be scheduled via

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Sport Specific : 

Athletes will be introduced to a proper warm up and cool down. They will focus on the muscles needed to play their particular sport and position. Drills and skills will be specific to their sport and help improve their overall performance. 

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Getting back in Shape- 

Athletes and Adults always are looking to get back in shape after being on vacation or being out of the groove for a few weeks. This type of training focuses more on fundamentals and slowly developing endurance, in addition to building a solid base of muscle.  

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High Intensity Track/Cross Country: 

Athletes will be introduced to a proper warm up and cool down. They will take on a combination of long distance and short distance work outs. Athletes will improve their endurance, learn proper running technique, and develop mental toughness.