Zach is such a talented athlete, coach and educator who has inspired my four children, as well as many of their friends. Zach uses positive language and his true athletic skills to bring kids to their full potential. We think Zach is THE BEST!
— Chris/Kimberley Clarke - Parents of four Children under Zachary Wright's Teaching
Zach has a lovely way of focusing on a single child while also clearly taking stock of the whole big boisterous picture, and keeping everyone in the game. His warmth, energy, and light-hearted attentiveness make him a beloved teacher of some of our youngest students.
— Bonnie - Head of Pre-K-K at St. Ann's School
Zach Wright is the GREATEST!!!!!
Any child who has him in their life is very, very lucky
In the words of my son: “He is funny, he is awesome and he is great with kids.”
— Stefanie Offit - Parent of two Students under Zachary Wright's Teaching
Zach is amazing!!! He is an amazing person with the gift of encouragement for all children.
— Rachel McAree - Parent of two students under Zachary Wright's Teaching
Zach Wright exemplifies the qualities we hope to observe in an educator. He is intelligent, hardworking, and student centered. His dedication to improving programs for students is evident in the work his has accomplished through WrightSports4Kids. In addition to all of his other qualities, Zach is the type of role model our children need as an example.
— Lenora Boehlert, Ed.D. Assistant Professor Manhattanville College School of Education-Educational Leadership Facilitator
Zach’s love of sports and his passion for educating children is the perfect combination that makes him exceptional for teaching youth sports today.
— Ray Allen, CPRP, DIrector Old Saybrook Parks & Recreation
Zach is a dedicated person who makes children having fun a priority, in addition to helping them learn valuable skills on and off the playing field.
— Carrie Rowely- Parent/Teacher
Zach is uniquely qualified to work with a diverse group of students with different ability levels and he provides feedback that is appropriate to the child’s understanding.
— Rhonda Clements, Ed. D. Director of Graduate Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Manhattanville College
Zach is an excellent and inspirational teacher. His students enjoy and relate to his vast knowledge of sports. Each activity is age appropriate and yet challenging. Zach’s attention to fundamentals will build a foundation that the kids can continue to improve in years to come.
— Soren Madsen - Saint Ann's School Athletic Director
Zach’s background as a top athlete and an advanced student of education and sport provides him with a keen understanding of youth sports development
— Program Coordinator/Soccer Coach at Saint Ann's School